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Company Name: Percheron LLC
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Minimum Experience Requirements:

Responsible for the data entry, Land documentation, and Land administration activities as required by the approved Land Procedure; adheres to project land policies, guidelines, and procedures, and is responsible to meet project timelines and objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities
•Perform data entry for Land records and activities
•Maintain the land records filing system including document control, file index, and content records
•Review and confirm all data in the Limited Title Certificate (LTC).  Input information from the LTC into the database necessary for the land documents.  Implement LTC log for tracking of documents.
•Prepare land documents for acquisition. Implement an Easement Log for tracking of documents.
•Review of acquired easements and leases for submission to supervisor for approval prior to recording.
•Print reports from the database as required by the project management.
•Prepare easements/leases and related documents and review all documents for correctness
•Prepare land acquisition packets
•Review condemnation files for completeness prior to transmittal to attorneys.



Skills – Technical:
•Experience as a document specialist or a related land position a plus.
•Proficient in PC operation, including spreadsheet and word processing. Experience in database program operations is a plus.
•Ability to demonstrate initiative and assertiveness, the ability to plan and manage their work in an efficient manner, and the ability to work well under stress and time pressures.
•Recommend changes to assure quality document generation.
•Should be knowledgeable in the methods and techniques for performing Land Services activities.  Should possess competent knowledge and skills in land description and terminology, and document analysis.
•Practical experience in the application, modification and adaptation of standards, techniques and procedures for land documents.