Crude Oil 44.91 +4.12%

Natural Gas 2.78 +2.31%

Gasoline 1.26 -4.31%

Heating Oil 1.36 +3.60%

Company Name: Percheron LLC
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Minimum Experience Requirements:

Pay based on experience (no per diem, no mileage or expenses)
•Due diligence and data entry, with a strong knowledge of easement agreements and title.
•The project scope is to electronically enter and interpret miles of pipeline – documents scanned and uploaded, data entry into a database, and audit of assets.
•Most of the documents have been scanned, but they need to be transferred to the database once the project and tracts are created


•Attention to detail with a background in title a must
•Experience working with due diligence assignments
•Knowledge of land and right of way acquisition processes and documentation
•Ability to plot metes and bounds descriptions of property and read a variety of maps, both electronic and paper
•Read and interpret engineering drawings, surveys, as-builts, etc.
•Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
•High School graduate plus any related administrative training.
•College level courses a plus.