Crude Oil 44.91 +4.12%

Natural Gas 2.78 +2.31%

Gasoline 1.26 -4.31%

Heating Oil 1.36 +3.60%

New Member Sponsor Form


  • Individuals who act as support personnel to Division Order Analysts, individuals who are involved in Division Order work and students or individuals who are interested in becoming Division Order Analysts or affiliated with the oil and gas industry

    Limited to professional Division Order Analyst, Supervisor, or Manager directly involved in work relating to title and contract analysis, or anyone who officially retired from employment while an active member of the Association

  • I (the undersigned) provide this application for membership with the understanding that it may not be approved until * two professional HADOA members (that are currently in good standing with the Association) sponsor my admission and complete the HADOA Active Membership Sponsor verification form.
  • I also certify that all information on this application is true and correct. I further understand that falsification of data may subject me to permanent revocation of HADOA membership privileges.
  • *Special consideration may be granted to an application who is unable to obtain the sponsorship of two Active Professional Members of the Association, upon approval by a majority vote of the board of Directors.


  • I am sponsoring this applicant for HADOA membership. Thus, I am providing the following data which attests to my knowledge of the applicant's work experience, work ethics, and personal history.
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